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Switching to Clean Energy and Earning Rewards is Easy

  • Simple

  • Safe

  • Seamless

Switching to Clean Energy and Earning Rewards is Easy

  • Simple

  • Safe

  • Seamless

The Residential & Commercial Electricity Provider You Can Trust

  • Affordable Plans

  • Fixed Rates

  • No Hidden Fees

  • No Equipment to Install

Whether you’re buying a new home, moving to a new apartment or you’re frustrated your current energy provider doesn’t offer access to affordable clean energy, you have the power to choose to get your electricity from the company that best suits your family’s needs. In January of 2000, all Pennsylvania electricity customers were allowed to start having access to available electricity suppliers–including providers that offer the clean energy you want. 

At Sunrise Power & Gas, a trusted Pennsylvania electric supplier, we understand you want to have access to renewable, clean energy, but to do that, you need an energy provider that actually offers the affordable clean energy you want. If your current provider doesn’t offer access to renewable energy for your home, you might be worried that switching to another company will be difficult, expensive, or worse–interrupt your service. We believe it should be easy for you to have access to a clean energy provider. Plus, you should have one that will make it simple, safe, and seamless to switch. At Sunrise Power & Gas, we make it easy and painless to switch by offering affordable green energy plans with fixed rates and no hidden fees. Plus! You can earn rewards!

Customer-Centric Service

In addition to having access to affordable electricity, we know you want to feel confident the clean residential electric company you choose will treat your family right. You want a company with a proven track record of serving its customers well. At Sunrise Power & Gas, we get it. You want affordable clean energy AND great customer service. For the past several decades, our team has served over 500,000 residential customers just like you and provided them with outstanding customer service. In fact, our customer-first philosophy organically became part of our company’s operating standards because it naturally permeates throughout our company.

– Decades of Service

– Served over 500,000 Residential and Commercial Customers

– Multiple Customer Service Awards

Why Switch to Clean Energy?

You have probably heard the terms “Global Warming,” “Greenhouse Gases” and “Carbon Footprint,” but many people don’t fully understand what any of those terms mean.

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Proudly Serving Pennsylvania Residential Customers

Whether you’re looking for a residential green electric company for your home or apartment, we believe affordable clean energy should be available to you, and you deserve a customer-centered energy provider that will provide you with the clean energy you want. Sunrise Power & Gas is among the best electric suppliers in PA. We help you have affordable access to the energy that’s best for your family so you can feel good about the energy you choose. Finally, you can have the green energy you want for your apartment utilities or your new home utilities.

For residential electricity rates, please put in your zip code to find the plan that best fits your needs. You’re one step closer to having an affordable energy plan you can feel good about. You’ll be able to help the planet without having to worry about hidden fees, special equipment to install or interruptions in your energy services. Sunrise Power & Gas makes it simple, safe and seamless to switch.