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Sunrise Power & Gas delivers 100% clean energy at electric rates that are affordable to families and businesses in Pennsylvania. Clean energy sources generate electricity for you, your family, and your business while cutting out the use of natural gases wherever possible. Instead of gases, we source our electricity from several 100% renewable fuel sources including wind, solar, and hydro. Renewable, clean energy generates a vastly lower amount of air pollutants and it promotes a cleaner atmosphere.

By choosing an electric supplier that offers alternative energy options and switching to clean and renewable electricity, you can help save the planet! Going green with your energy can massively reduce your carbon footprint without having to change your habits. Many people don’t like the idea of switching electric providers and think it is a stressful process. At Sunrise Power & Gas, our customer-centric team has made the process easy, painless, and simple.

Interested in switching to a green provider? At Sunrise Power & Gas, the process couldn’t be simpler! In two quick steps, we’ll have you set up in no time. All you need to do is enter your zip code and promo code and choose your plan, then you’re on your way to making a difference in the environment and earning rewards. We offer plans with affordable fixed rates and no hidden fees!

In addition to a seamless switching experience, at Sunrise Power & Gas, we have a proven track record of serving our customers well. For the past several decades, our team has served over 500,000 residential and commercial customers just like you and have won awards for providing outstanding customer service.

Pennsylvania residents and organizations shouldn’t have to choose between affordable energy rates, clean energy, and excellent customer service. At Sunrise Power & Gas, you can have
it all.