Switch to An Affordable Clean Energy Plan!

Fast Signup. Fixed Rates. No Hidden Fees.

Switch to An Affordable Clean Energy Plan!

Fast Signup. Fixed Rates. No Hidden Fees.

Don’t Miss Out.
Go Green.

At Sunrise Power & Gas, a trusted Pennsylvania energy supplier, we understand that you want your family to have access to renewable, clean energy, but to do that, you need a provider that actually offers the clean energy you want. If your current provider doesn’t offer access to renewable energy, you might be worried that switching to another company will be difficult, expensive, or worse–interrupt your service. We believe you should have access to a clean energy provider and have one that will make it safe, simple, and seamless to switch. At Sunrise Power & Gas, we make it easy and painless to switch by offering affordable plans with affordable fixed rates and no hidden fees.

It’s so easy to make a difference and reduce your negative impact on the environment.

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What Makes Sunrise Electricity Company Different?

Switching to clean energy in Pennsylvania will change the course of history, and we believe that by giving our clients the power to choose a green utility provider, we can make our planet a better place. We provide our customers with access to 100% clean energy sourced from wind, solar, and water. By making small changes today, we can affect a change for decades to come and give our children something to hope for! Not only do we care about our environment, but we care about you, our clients.

There is a large amount of information available on how to have a cleaner environment. From using paper or reusable straws to recycling as much as possible, to stopping the usage of plastic water bottles, many are trying to do their part to go green and help keep the world a cleaner place. One of the most effective and mutually beneficial ways of going green is by switching to a clean energy service, you might even be surprised by the electricity rates!

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