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Who is Sunrise Power and Gas?

Sunrise Power and Gas is an EGS (Electric Generation Supplier), licensed by the PA Public Utility Commission, providing electric and gas service to homes and businesses in various parts of the country.

What areas does Sunrise Power and Gas serve?

We currently serve the PPL and PECO electric utility areas in Pennsylvania. We will be expanding to other areas shortly.

Why should I pick Sunrise Power & Gas?

The Sunrise power and gas team has over 50 years of combined experience with a dedication to customer service and fair pricing for all consumers.

Is there a cost to switch services to Sunrise Power and Gas?

There is no charge to switch services to Sunrise Power and Gas.

How will I get my bill from Sunrise Power and Gas and how do I pay you?

Charges for our services will appear on your regular monthly utility bill and you will continue to remit payment to your utility as always.

How do I report power outages?

You will continue to report any interruption of services to your local utility. To see your local utility contact information, click here.

Where does my Sunrise Power and Gas power come from?

Sunrise sources its electricity from several 100% renewable fuel sources including wind, solar and hydro.