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Why Should You Switch to Clean Energy?

Electricity production in the US has traditionally been based on coal, petrol, gas, and nuclear power. However, people are increasingly switching to clean energy because they know it’s the best thing for the environment.

Old sources of energy are not considered environmentally friendly. Nuclear power is clean but comes with several risks, as dealing with nuclear waste is challenging. As for coal, petrol, and gas, they contribute to climate change and are finite resources. 

In a few decades, Earth may not have the necessary deposits to cover our energy needs.

This article explores why moving to clean and renewable energy ensures our energy self-sufficiency in an environmentally friendly way that is also good for our economy and business.


Switching to Clean Energy Is Safer for the Environment

Our Current Electricity Production

Electricity production is the principal cause of air pollution in the United States. Electricity-generating power plants produced 33% of the total American energy-related CO2 emissions in 2018.

CO2 is dangerous because it is one of the greenhouse gases that trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases are the leading cause of climate change, with CO2 accounting for a whopping 84% of greenhouse gases.

Climate change causes more extreme weather patterns, resulting in hurricanes, rainstorms, and droughts. Also, it is acidifying our oceans and disrupting marine life. Over the past thirty years, Arctic ice has declined by a terrifying 95%, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Why Switch to Clean Energy Sources?

Wind turbines, solar panels, and hydroelectric power stations produce no CO2. They have little impact on the environment, apart from their initial construction.

Clean energy sources will improve the Earth’s atmosphere and help bring down the greenhouse gases by emitting no or little greenhouse gases.


We May Soon Run Out of Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels Are Finite

At our current rate of consumption, estimates predict Earth may run out of petrol in 53 years, while we may exhaust our gas resources in 52 years. For most of us, this is within our lifespan.

We need to switch to clean, and renewable energy before our cars run out of petrol or our electricity stations remain idle for lack of gas. The sooner we switch, the more time we have to adapt to a new, cleaner, safer reality.


Switching to Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources are precisely what their name says: renewable.

We can derive energy from wind, sun, water, tides, geothermal, and biomass sources. These are sustainable because they renew themselves constantly. If we use sunshine today, we will still have sunshine tomorrow and the day after. These resources are plentiful and inexhaustible.

Switching to Clean Energy Is Better for Our Health

Over 100,000 Americans die annually from diseases related to poor air quality and air pollution. Worldwide, 4.6 million deaths are attributed to air pollution and dangerous particles in the air.

Air pollution can cause cancer, premature death, pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, and infection. These deaths could be prevented by switching to clean energy sources that produce little or no CO2.

As CO2 builds up in the air, more deaths may occur due to air pollution, and more Americans may die each year.


Switching to Clean Energy Is Better for the American Economy

Installing solar panels and building wind farms or a hydroelectric plant are all investments that put money into the American economy and support the local economy.

Local companies and businesses provide the required materials and expertise. Local technicians do maintenance. The community benefits from clean energy plants because the money spent on energy stays in the United States and sustains local or national companies.

A switch to clean energy will create thousands of new jobs. The economic development from the initial investment in clean energy improves the economy. Manufacturing and installation will get a nationwide boost.

Just as importantly, decreasing our CO2 emissions could reduce the number of extreme weather incidents, which are so expensive in terms of lives and destruction. 


Switching to Clean Energy Is a Safer Geopolitical Choice

By producing energy locally or nationally, there is no need to import petrol, gas, or any other raw material from abroad. Bearing in mind the current fragile geopolitical situation, investing in domestic clean energy is a prudent decision.


There Is No Delivery Disruption

Clean energy infrastructure avoids disruption. Apart from geopolitical upheaval, many other factors could interrupt the delivery of petrol or gas. For example, extreme weather conditions stop ships from docking at ports.


There Are No Price Fluctuations

Wind, air, and solar panels only require an initial investment. The raw material is entirely free. This means there is no fluctuation in price, as opposed to gas or petrol. Thus clean energy is a safer, more reliable choice.

Compare this to the wild fluctuation in the price of petrol. Petrol cost $32 in March 2020 but $43 in July 2020. It cost $67 in December 2019. Petrol-based electricity power plants need to take into account the cost of raw material and pass it on to the electricity they produce.


Switching to Clean Energy Can Benefit Everyone

There are many clean energy sources: solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, biomass, and hydroelectric. Across the United States, states and counties can invest in the clean energy source that best matches their unique characteristics.

All regions can benefit from one or more sources. Some have plenty of sunshine to feed solar panels with energy, while others by the sea could invest in tidal energy production. Regions that have plenty of consistent wind could invest in wind parks.

Clean energy has the potential to help all local communities and give them the energy source that suits them.


New Clean Energy Sources Will Be Found

Because technology is continually advancing, new energy sources emerge all the time. Geothermal energy is a strong candidate for optimization, as is tidal power. The economy of scale and technological advances will make clean energy cheaper and more profitable, including sources that we may not have considered yet or that sound exotic today.


Clean energy is the future.

Clean energy is the answer to having a safer, cleaner, better American future. Fossil fuels are finite and may well disappear by the end of this century.

By switching to clean energy, American consumers are making sure they boost a cleaner environment, improve their health conditions, and create more American jobs. The money spent on energy stays in the United States and improves our lives and our wellbeing.

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